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Did you know that watercolor is the oldest painting, more than oil? Its origins date back to prehistory, cave paintings were made with a prototype of what we know today as watercolors, painters selected colors extracted from the soil, such as reds and ochers, which they mixed with water and with the product obtained they painted the drawings of the caves. Later they began to add natural elements as binders, such as natural resins from trees, honey, starch, etc. with those they achieved a product closer to the actual watercolor.

From its distant beginnings to the present, watercolor has been changing until it reaches the product we know now. Watercolor is a translucent paint made up mainly of pigment, which is what gives it color and a binder, traditionally gum arabic. The watercolor is magical, the whites and the luminosity of the work is conferred by the support itself where it is painted, the drying of the paint is by evaporation of the water, once the paint is dry on the palette it can be recovered by softening it with the thinner, which it is water, without losing its properties.

A good selection of raw materials is very important for its development and manufacture, as well as a good degree of grinding with the rollers to obtain an extra-fine particle.

The watercolor technique most used by professionals is the wet technique, in which the artist wets and / or moistens the support paper and then paints on it with the watercolor, with this a free movement of the watercolor is achieved, the watercolorist can direct that free movement using the stroke of the brush. There are more techniques such as watercolor on dry, which is the opposite of wet, etc.

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